I should have known

The hardest thing for me to do is forgive myself, especially when the memories keep rushing in. We worked together; I hired him. I was still married, and left the job to take care of my marriage by going on the road with my husband. But it didn’t work out; we separated when we came back. I started looking for a job, and when my employer heard I was looking from reference checks, he asked me to come back. Once back, my soon to be abuser told me that if he knew what I was going to do, by going on the road, he would have come and got me. Like a savior, the knight in shining armor. How naive I was. I had a small office space, and we worked night shift with one other person, who was not always around. He had a habit of coming into my small space when I had my back turned; I never heard him until he said something or I would turn around and he would be within my 3 foot human boundary. It scared me, and he would justify it with saying he had a question, or concern. I never saw it coming. He was sinister, sneaky, like a stalker.

About mercy4women

Christian mother, survivor of domestic abuse and violence by the grace of God
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