Domestic Violence Survivors:My Story, The Car Accident

I was 5 months pregnant with our son.  It was early morning one winter day when I left the house to go to work; it was a long commute.  I got to an area usually sanded on the freeway; I was in the far left lane and hit black ice.  The car swerved, hit the guardrail on my left, then spun around and went towards the middle lane, hitting an oncoming truck just behind the passenger door, then continued through the next lane and into the guardrail on the other side before coming to a stop.  The airbags never deployed, thank God literally, because it would probably have killed my unborn son.  Still, I was in shock, and I got out of the car and called my husband on the cell phone.  He came and got me, and they towed the car away.  It was totaled.  But my husband didn’t care about what I had been through, or if the baby was safe.  Once we were back on the road to home he didn’t stop yelling at me, and blamed me for the accident.  There were four other accidents on that same stretch, one right after the other, before I left the scene.  That area as I said was usually sanded.  It caught a lot of people off guard.  We never went home; he drove directly to a rental car place, rented me a car and told me to go to work.  My boss was astounded, and told me I should go home, but I was scared to go home.  I called the nurse practitioner from work and told her what had happened; she was very concerned, but told me I didn’t have to come in, but if anything changed to come in right away.  Everything worked out okay as far as the stupid car; the dealership gave me a brand new one right off the showroom floor because the air bags didn’t deploy on the old one.  But I’m glad they didn’t, and I love my son very much.  I didn’t get much sleep that night; my husband continued to berate me, and I felt so guilty.

About mercy4women

Christian mother, survivor of domestic abuse and violence by the grace of God
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